LoL Avatar VS Challenger Avatar: 8 Steps to Get the Look of Champions

League of Legends fans like you would definitely find it fun to have LoL-themed avatars. These avatars represent every gamer both in the game itself or social media platforms. Others may charge you for creating your LoL Avatar VS Challenger Avatar in their sites but consider us different.

lol avatar vs challenger avatar

In lieu of lolskinmod’s support to every gamer’s passion, our tool below can be accessed easily. The excitement won’t break as you have a hassle-free process. Avatars can be downloaded for free, so let’s get started.

Steps to Create your LoL Avatar VS Challenger Avatar

You can relate if you know how exciting to have a battle of images with LoL summoners. You should know this so you can portray the look of what champions should look.

  1. Choose two(2) images that you wish to consider as the LoL Avatar and the Challenger Avatar. It is advised that you use an image that would complement the Avatar image like your game face on pictures.
  2. Upload the first image above by clicking the top “Choose File” button above. Locate the image that you want as your Avatar then select.
  3. A pop-up pane will show up to help you to crop and zoom your image. Click “Crop and Upload” to proceed. Your first image is now set.
  4. Click the second “Choose File” button and select the second image.
  5. Crop and zoom the image based on your preferences and click “Crop and Upload” when done.
  6. Click “Next“ to proceed setting Skin Names and Nicknames for the LoL Avatar VS Challenger Avatar.
  7. When finished click “Make your Avatar” and Voila! A preview will be shown before you proceed to download the image to give you a chance to make changes.
  8. Click “Download” and use the image to your advantage.

Challenge your Friends in a Battle with LoL Avatar VS Challenger Avatar!

Playing League of Legends with your friends may be one of your best bonding and it would be a thrilling idea to set you and your friends in the LoL Avatar VS Challenger Avatar layout. One thing’s for sure, it’s either you and your friends will be in a fun-filled battle or you get that cool picture with you. Either way, it’s still a win-win deal.

Want to share your idea? Comment down below and we’ll get back to you in no time.

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