LoL Challenger Avatar: Create One for Free

Getting hooked in League of Legends will make you want to be in the game as well. That’s why a lot of gamer’s find ways to look like their Champions. However, other gamers try to put their personality in the character through skins and avatars.

Lolskinmod value the art of gaming and so is the community that patronize it. So, for the love of gaming, we created tools to support your passion. These include LoL-themed FB covers, MoD skins and even high-ranking avatars.

But here, we give you one of the most sought after achievement in E-sports which is the Challenger tier. So, to help you get pumped up get your Challenger Avatar below and thank us later.

Steps to Create your LoL Challenger Avatar

This steps will teach you to create Avatar in your own style. Making your journey with LoL more exciting and inspiring.

  1. Select an image: Decide on what picture you will use for your LoL Challenger Avatar and save in a specific folder. To make it unique, make a plate of your own.
  2. Upload the Selected Image: Click “Choose File“ above and a dialog box will pop up. Look for the picture you saved and select. The picture you selected will now be uploaded to the site and is now ready to be customized.
  3. Crop and Adjust Uploaded Image: Upon completion of the upload, you can crop and adjust the picture you selected. Depending on the image you uploaded, you may also zoom in for added effect.
  4. Set the Image: To set the image you should follow this one. Just click “Crop and Upload Image” at the bottom left of the pop-up dialog box.
  5. Set the Name of your Challenger Avatar: Enter your Challenger Avatar’s name and skin name.
  6. Generate your Avatar Challenger: Once image and name are set, you can generate your Challenger Avatar by clicking “Make Avatar”. Voila! There’s your personalized Challenger Avatar.
  7. Download and Start Sharing: Click “Download” to finally have your personalize Avatar Challenger.

Share your New LoL Challenger Avatar to Everyone

May you enjoy using your new LoL Challenger Avatar. You can have it as your cool profile picture and can even be used in the game itself. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see how your Avatar blends in the game itself? Well, buddy, your heroes heard you! May this tool help you be into League of Legends more. Go now and conquer the opponents’ Nexus with your new LoL Challenger Avatar.

Got concerns or thoughts? Comment down below and we’ll get back to you in no time.

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